The Standard Moving Benefit Is Also Called Comfort.

The customer participates partially in his move; he supports the packaging and unpacking of all non-fragile objects, namely: books, CDs and DVDs, linen, non-fragile kitchen utensils, and toys.

Here is what the mover must do as part of this service:

  • – Dressing clothes on hangers
  • – Packaging and unpacking fragile: glasses, plates, tables, mirrors, trinkets …
  • – Disassembly and reassembly of furniture if necessary
  • – Protection of furniture with fleece blankets
  • – Covering sofas and mattresses
  • – Placement of the furniture in the new residence.

Organization of the service

First of all, the customer must respect his commitments; when the movers arrive, all non-fragile items must already be in the boxes.

If your move is of average size (20 to 40 cubic meters), the company makes the packaging of the fragile on the day of the move. But it happens that she asks to send a packer the day before the move so that he makes a good preparation for his team. In this way, he will facilitate the task of tomorrow and allow his colleagues to focus on the portage of furniture.