So that a move, made by his means or by a professional, happens in the best conditions, it is imperative to anticipate it. It is therefore advisable to start the necessary steps at least one month before the desired date.

Time To Choose The Moving Company

It is necessary to contact different companies of moves, to make establish several estimates, and to be able to select the one which corresponds better to its waiting.

In the first place, the salesmen of each company move to carry out the unique visit and then draw up an estimate. It remains to compare the different proposals received to validate with the chosen company finally; the date of the move, the delivery of the packing material … and it can take several days.

There are lots of options to choose from. Ranging from full services moving all the way to man with a van Swindon. If you go for man with a van then you also have a range of options. You might just get one van and one van and that’s it. Or you might choose to pay a little more and have the man help you pack the van. It’s best to discuss what you are actually paying for with the moving company.

During the high season of relocation, which is between June 15th and September 15th, it is best to book a date two months before moving day.

Start The Administrative Procedures

For tenants, it is necessary to warn the owner and to fix an appointment to make the inventory of the places of exit. Remember to respect the exit notice, which depends on your type of lease.

Some organizations ask to be informed of the change of address, well before the move, because they must transfer your file to the concerned agencies. This is the case of nurseries and schools for example. For the public services and the main other organizations, the site takes care of the free procedures, after simple registration and a transfer of certain documents online (identity document …) It is also necessary to warn telephony, cable and internet providers, and give new address to newspapers or magazines delivered.

Finally, since many private companies may grant a leave of absence (see his collective agreement), it is good to inform him of his change of address at the earliest, to have enough time to negotiate a day off.

Sorting, Friends And The End Of The Move

Here is the key to getting ready for the moving day:

  • Lighten The Truck : Moving is the perfect opportunity to sort out your belongings and get rid of the extra. Long before you start removal boxes, it is advisable to open the cupboards and drawers and make different piles of all the clothes useless: those to give, those to sell and those to throw. In case of hesitation, tell yourself that if a garment has not been worn the season before, it will not be over the next: we get rid of it! The load to be moved is reduced, and this simplifies the move. Consider all small furniture and trinkets and keep only those that have real sentimental or decorative value and are in perfect condition.
  • If We Move With The Help Of Friends : For a move between friends, do not forget to have their attendance confirmed a few days before the scheduled date. They must be motivated by the number of participants and also by a good meal at the end of the day, but do not make alcoholic drinks available until the move is over!
  • At the End Of The Day : Start by installing the beds to sleep comfortably after this difficult day, then unpack the kitchen cartons first to feel at home again. The boxes of the rooms, the living room … can be unpacked gradually once familiar with the new residence.